Chic Loyalty

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What do you get?


Share Chic with your friends and receive rewards.

  • They get $5 for their first purchase
  • You get $5 for each successful referral

Earn $ on Every Purchase:
  • Get 3% Store Credit on all purchases (in-store and online)


How does it work?

Chic Loyalty rewards are not complicated. When you sign up for the free program you will be given a "gift card" account. The account will be pre-loaded with $5 that you can use at any time! Every time you make a purchase at Chic, you will be awarded 3% cash back directly onto that "gift card" account. 

Example: If you sign up today and make a $100 purchase, you will receive $5 for signing up and $3 for the purchase (3% of the sale). You will have $8 in your Chic Loyalty account and can use it just like a gift card any time you shop with us! 

If you are shopping online, simply log into your account and select to use your store credit upon checkout. 

If you are shopping in-store, simply tell the cashier your name and/or email address and it will automatically pull up in the system. 

You may choose to use the credit or to hold onto the credit until next time. It's up to you! 

Happy Shopping!!!