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We believe in being as fair as possible when it comes to our employees (NEVER MINIMUM WAGE) AND our customers (BEST PRICE GUARANTEE). The fashion industry is notorious for price gouging or unethical pricing: buying cheap, overseas products, that have poor quality but look great in photos. These products are then sold for the same price as high-end products and the company takes home huge profits.

We are committed to fair pricing. In fact, we GUARANTEE FAIR PRICING!

Here is our BEST price guarantee:

If you find the same product anywhere else, show us the price. We will match it AND give you 10% store credit for the inconvenience.

Chic the Boutique is 100% women owned. Founded by Lauren Lamping, Chic the Boutique is a curated fashion brand operated by women, for women. We support other amazing #BossBabes by carrying many women owned brands and partnering with female makers, owners, and professionals.

We also have a robust donation program where we donate clothing items to groups who support women in building a professional wardrobe (maybe it’s for a job interview, or her new career, or even a family or church event). We believe EVERY woman should have access to a fashion-forward, trendy wardrobe and we are PROUD to support that mission for many women.  

Our “Condensed Shipping Initiative” cuts down on wasteful shipments, deliveries, and packaging materials. Industry standard is for a vendor to send a new shipment as soon as it’s available for ship. This means that Chic was receiving many boxes every week from the same vendors. Chic now holds all vendors shipments until they can totally condense a full order into one shipment. This saves hundreds of boxes every quarter and likely thousands of boxes per year!

It cuts down on delivery truck fuel, air travel, plastic wrap, packing slips, boxes, bags, and more.

Other than this initiative, we are committed to sustainability by going as digital as possible! We have eliminated thousands of printed invoices, receipts, vendor forms, etc. by moving to digital.

Yes, we put our money where our mouth is. As a small business, we always want to be supported by the #ShopLocal movement. But we also practice what we preach and support several local businesses in the process.

From hosting pop-ups at local businesses, to paying local businesses to provide services like bartending (with locally made liquors), to hiring local companies to support our company through accounting, marketing, banking, service work, real estate, packaging, etc. We always think local and small business first.

We support well over a dozen non-profits by donating 15%+ of total sales at every fundraising event hosted with Chic. Some non-profits supported by Chic the Boutique: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Community Harvest Food Bank, Local Schools, and more!

We are open to supporting your non-profit and are always
willing to give back to those who need support. Feel free to reach out!

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Fort Wayne, IN

Chic the Boutique

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I love every one of my purchases and will be back soon. Thank you Chic for such a magical experience!

Fort Wayne, IN

My order shipped the same day and showed up 2 days later! I hate waiting for my online purchases, so this was SO convenient!

Rochester, NY

This is seriously the CUTEST store! New styles constantly, and something for every taste and every budget.

Chicago, IL

LOVE this boutique! Beautiful clothes for every occasion whether it be a girls night out, work or every day attire. The owner is awesome as well! Very affordable yet high end. Would definitely recommend.

Fort Wayne, IN

I only shop Chic! The owner has worked in fashion for years and you can tell, she has a talent for finding that perfect sweater, shirt, dress that you need in your closet.

Columbus, OH

Absolutely LOVE Chic the Boutique... they have styles for all ages and the quality is fantastic! It’s such an inviting environment and the staff is so helpful!

Indianapolis, IN