When I shop for clothes, I am usually shopping for an occasion or based on an interest. For example, when I am going on spring break to Cape Cod I need a new outfit! (or two...or three) So I go shopping specifically for my Cape Cod trip. 

Unfortunately, not a lot of boutiques are set up in a way for us to quickly find items that correlate to those types of events. At Chic, items are categorized to make the shopping process a little easier. These are my recommendations for items to purchase for specific events! 


Be Active: everything in this collection relates to the active lifestyle! 


Beachin': perfect for sunny vacations! These aren't necessarily all items you would wear on the beach, but they are items I would pack for a trip to Florida or Australia 🏝


Boss Lady: sometimes it is hard to know what to wear on a business trip or to find something cute and also work appropriate. This collection has been developed for all of you boss ladies out there!


Cape Cod: my favorite place on earth! This collection is everything that is "Cape Cod" inspired. These items are preppy, East coast, and chic! Perfect for lake life, ocean visits, and the nautical trend ⚓️



Date Night: I love to dress up once a week for date night with my husband! We don't normally get too fancy, but I wanted to put together some outfit ideas for all of you ladies who are going out for a date night or even just a ladies night! 😘